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About La Chocolatrice

Our story so far...

Hi!  I'm Zoë and I founded La Chocolatrice in November 2019. 

To say that I love chocolate is an understatement. I adore chocolate. It has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. From about the age of four, on a daily basis, my grandpa used to buy me a big bar of chocolate, tell me to hide it, and to only eat it when I was sure that no one was watching. We are all about sharing in my house, but not when it comes to chocolate.

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I decided to start La Chocolatrice after spending four years living in France where I spent some time studying, and sampling, Patisserie and Chocolate.  Chocolate is an important part of French culture. In most towns in France, there is a Chocolaterie or chocolate shop, and the one I used to visit (far too regularly) was magical.

In La Chocolatrice, I hope to have captured a small part of that magic to share with you.  Thank you for being on this journey with me and thank you for supporting my small business.

What do we do?

There are two sides to our business. We make a beautiful range of delicious handmade chocolate products and we also teach chocolate making workshops.  We currently have two sites; our Chocolate Factory and Shop in Coxhoe, Co. Durham, and our beautiful Chocolate Studio in Newcastle City Centre.  


Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.  When producing our chocolate bars we use only the finest and freshest ingredients.  We take great care to make sure that bars are both visually stunning and taste amazing.  


We also care deeply about our planet.  It is important to us that the packaging we use is sustainable.   The bags we pack our chocolate bars in are biodegradable and compost within 21 days, and the paper that our labels are printed onto is recycled and can be recycled.   

What's important?

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