We are now taking bookings for Chocolate Truffle Making Workshops in May, June and July.  Please book online using the booking links below.  If you'd like to book for August onwards, please get in touch! Read our FAQs here



How long do workshops last?

Our workshops last approximately 90 minutes.  During that time you will learn how to make chocolate truffles, chocolate flakes, chocolate crisps and we will also temper chocolate together!  There are lots of opportunities for tasting during the workshops and you will take home everything you make - that's lots of chocolate!



Are workshops suitable for children?

We have run lots of workshops for children and they have a great time mixing up delicious chocolatey treats.  We recommend bringing children aged 8+ and ask that all children are accompanied by a participating adult. 



Are workshops Vegan friendly?

Yes!  We make the best vegan truffles and the whole workshop can be easily adapted.  Please indicate when booking in the dietary requirements section.



What is the maximum group size for a workshop?

In Newcastle we can accommodate up to 10 people.  Our website only allows you to book for up to six - please call to book if you'd like to book for a larger group.  In Coxhoe we can accommodate up to 16 people and you can book this online. 



How much do workshops cost?

The price of your workshop depends on how many people you book for.  The more people you book for, the cheaper your workshop becomes.  

2 people: £49.50pp  -  3 people: £45pp  -  4 people: £40pp  -  5 people: £35pp  -  6-9 people: £30pp  -  10 - 16 people: £28pp



How many people are in each workshop?

All workshops we currently run are private for your group.  If you book for two people, there will only be the two of you and the chocolatier in your workshop.  If you book for 10 people, there will be the 10 of you and the chocolatier in your workshop. 



How long are gift vouchers valid for?

Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase and can be used at either of our locations.  



Can I cancel my workshop once we have booked it?

Once you have booked a workshop you are unable to cancel it.  If we are able to rebook your slot, we will allow you to reschedule, and we will try our best to make this possible.  If we have more than one months notice we are able to reschedule.