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Chocolate Truffles

200g of good quality dark chocolate buttons (55% cocoa)
150ml double cream
Flavouring extract


Plastic Bowl
Silicone Spatula
Disposable Piping Bag
Greaseproof paper


1. Add two cap-fulls of flavour to the double cream​

2. Pour half of the cream mixture into the melted chocolate and mix until fully incorporated

3. Add the other half of the cream and mix until fully incorporated

4. Continue mixing until your truffle mixture becomes so firm that when you dig the spatula into the cream, the spatula becomes stuck and the whole bowl lifts from the table

5. Transfer the truffle mixture from the bowl into a disposable piping bag

6. Slightly massage the mixture so that the chocolate melts and is ready to pipe

7. Pipe the mixture onto greaseproof paper, forming chocolate sausages

8. Leave the “sausages” to set for 10 minutes before forming the mixture into even, bite-sized balls 

9. Roll in cocoa powder and drop onto greaseproof to remove any excess powder

Chocolate Crisps

200g good quality dark chocolate buttons (55%)
100g granulated sugar
Flavouring extract


Silicone Spatula
Greaseproof Paper


1. Mix the flavour and sugar together on greaseproof paper

2. Pour the chocolate over the sugar and mix together

3. Thinly spread the chocolate/sugar mixture over greaseproof paper

4. Just before the mixture sets score even lines through chocolate to create squares

5. Leave to set in a cool, dry place for 10 minutes before serving