Happy New Year!

I am so excited to launch into 2020! Today, I've spent some time thinking about the past year and I feel really lucky. This Christmas has been special. For the first time, I worked on Christmas Eve (and enjoyed it), I spent Christmas Day surrounded by family, and then had a crazy few days of back to back workshops between Christmas and New Years Eve - and they were so much fun! The best thing about running chocolate making workshops is the amazing people I meet.

2019 has been an absolute adventure and I have so much to be grateful for. If I think back to the start of the year and how far my journey has taken me, I can't quite believe it. If you'd have asked me in January what I would be doing in 12 months time, I'm almost positive my answer would be so far from my current reality.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the support I have received from my friends. family and neighbours. Opening La Chocolatrice has been challenging, but made so much easier by the continued support and well wishes of so many. I am so excited for everything (including the challenges) that 2020 has to bring. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. I wish you all a year of success, happiness, health and love.

Zoë x

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