Hello Chocolate Lovers

As La Chocolatrice is brand new to Newcastle, I think that it’s important to introduce myself and to tell you a little bit about what we do.

My name is Zoë and I am the chocolatier at La Chocolatrice, School of Chocolate.

To say that I love chocolate is an understatement. I adore chocolate. It has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. From about the age of four, on a daily basis, my grandpa used to buy me a big bar of chocolate, tell me to hide it, and to only eat it when I was sure that no one was watching. We are all about sharing in my house, but not when it comes to chocolate.

This indulgence continued until I was eighteen when I moved to a small town in France, where I worked as an au pair. This is where I discovered my passion for cooking, baking, and ultimately for making chocolate.

Chocolate is an important part of French culture. In most towns in France, there is a Chocolaterie or chocolate shop, and the one I used to visit (far too regularly) was magical. As an eighteen year old, living abroad for the first time, everything was new and exciting, however, I was particularly captivated by French gastronomy and the importance placed upon each element of each meal. I began experimenting with recipes, flavours, and techniques and it was in France, during that year, that I perfected (in my opinion) the chocolate pudding – much to the delight of the children I looked after.

I have since spent three and a half years living in France, where I spent some time studying, and sampling, Patisserie and Chocolate. I taught chocolate making workshops around the north east for a few years, and for the last two years I have been working as a French and Spanish teacher, until June, when I made the decision to take the very exciting leap, and open a Chocolate Shop and Workshop Space in Newcastle City Centre.

At La Chocolatrice, I will be teaching a variety of chocolate making workshops, right in the heart of Newcastle. The first workshop, available to book now, is a classic Chocolate Truffle making workshop. I absolutely love chocolate truffles. They are so much fun to make, and the creamy chocolate centre, delicately flavoured and encased in beautifully tempered chocolate, for me, is the ultimate treat. Over approximately 120 minutes I will teach you how to make your own truffles, guiding you through the recipe, as well as teaching you how to make your own chocolate flake, and other chocolatey treats. Of course, you’ll get to take home everything you make, there’ll be lots of samples to taste, and general chocolate merriment. This chocolate workshop is the perfect introduction to the world of chocolate, can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities, and is of course truly delicious. All chocolate workshops at La Chocolatrice are private, for between two and ten participants. I also run Children’s birthday parties, Hen parties, and Corporate Team building events.

I’d love to answer any questions you have and hope to see you soon! x

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