1. The smell

We start work at 9am every morning and I just love opening the door and walking into the kitchen! One of the best things about working with chocolate? The smell that hits you…super chocolatey.

It makes me think of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Even though for us this is the norm, we still comment on the smell most mornings and how amazing it makes us feel!

2. Being creative

Thinking of new chocolate bars, chocolate bonbons, lollies and more is just so much fun! I really enjoy trialling new flavour combinations and when we get it just right it’s so satisfying! I also get to design the packaging too and it brings my creations to life. I feel lucky to be able to create such beautiful, delicious chocolate products every single day.

3. Everything is satisfying

Whether it’s pouring thick, glossy, tempered chocolate into a mould, or scraping set chocolate off the workbench, every part of chocolate making is satisfying! If you’ve done one of our chocolate truffle making workshops, you’ll know all about the satisfying drop, and if you haven’t, you’ll have to get yourself booked in!

4. Making people happy

I love meeting our amazing customers in our chocolate shop and in our amazing chocolate making workshops! I really do believe that chocolate is magical and it is so lovely to watch our customers enjoy it as much as I do! When we receive lovely reviews like this one, it makes me happy too!

“Went for a chocolate workshop as a birthday gift. Had an absolutely wonderful time! Learned so much and came home with a bag weighed down with delicious chocolate. Also really appreciated the card with links to find the recipes we were taught today so I can do them at home. Highly recommended!” Mieke, Google Review

5. The taste

I love eating delicious chocolate! I feel so lucky to be able to work with my favourite food. Tasting is a really important part of my job. It’s important that I taste the chocolate regularly to make sure it’s still delicious…right?

Right now my favourite chocolate bar to eat is our delicious milk chocolate Queen of Biscoff bar. If you're a biscoff fan, this is one to try!
May 10, 2023