here's our story

From handmade chocolate bars to boutique chocolate making experiences, La Chocolatrice brings the magic of French chocolateries to the North East.

from paris to newcastle...

Zoe spent four years living in France, studying - and sampling - patisserie and chocolate. Visiting the local chocolateries was a magical experience, inspiring Zoe to bring that magic back to the North East
and voila, La Chocolatrice was born.

From our beautiful studio in Coxhoe, Co.Durham, our small team of dedicated chocolatiers share the magic of French-style artisan chocolate with our customers. 

Handmade chocolate bars and more

Using the finest and freshest ingredients, we make a beautiful range of delicious handmade chocolate bars and products. We take great care to ensure our handmade chocolate bars are both visually stunning and taste amazing. 

We also host a number of wonderful chocolate making experiences, including chocolate making
workshops and exclusive chocolate making birthday parties and experiences.  

Sustainable chocolate making

At La Choc we love chocolate but we also respect it and the farmers who produce the cocoa we use.That’s why we work with Cocoa Horizons to source sustainable cocoa that
helps to create thriving communities and prospering farmers. Find out more about Cocoa Horizons:

We also care deeply about our planet and it is important to us that the packaging we use is sustainable.  We are proud to say that the bags we pack our handmade chocolate bars in are biodegradable and compost within 21 days, whilst the paper that our labels are printed onto is recycled and can be recycled.  

Your local chocolaterie

At La Chocolatrice, we hope to share the magic of handcrafted chocolate making with you. Thank you for being on this journey with us and for supporting our small business.